Samsung has developed an advanced display for virtual reality (VR), which has a much higher pixel density compared to existing products.

Demonstrated panel has a size of 3.5 inches. It is characterized by a resolution of 2200 × 2024 point that corresponds to the pixel density in PPI 858.

For comparison: now manufactured by Samsung displays for VR devices in the size of 3.5 inches have a resolution of 1200 × 1080 pixels. Their pixel density lies at 460 PPI.

Among other characteristics of the new panel called the refresh rate and brightness — 90 Hz and 100 CD/m2, respectively. Other details were not disclosed.

Apparently, the South Korean giant will use is shown displays in wearable devices of the next generation. However, the timing of mass production of such screens Samsung is silent.

In 2017, according to forecasts, the supply of virtual reality will increase more than twice compared to last year, reaching 15 million units. In 2018 this figure will exceed 25 million, and in 2019 will amount to around 45 million units. In 2020 the shipment of the VR helmets on a global scale reached nearly 70 million units.

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