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Aryzon Introduces the Cardboard of Augmented Reality

The beginning-up Aryzon launched the “cardboard for augmented reality” for a price of $30 on Kickstarter. By making intelligent use of a set of lenses, cardboard and a smartphone digital camera, the headset is ready to place virtual content material projected from the user’s smartphone display screen inside their very own setting, this creates practical augmented reality (AR).



The headset is designed to be as price efficient as doable. Aryzon goals to introduce extra individuals to augmented reality and enhance its widespread use in on a regular basis settings. The Aryzon is the only headset of its variety that gives this many potentialities at such a low price. 

For most individuals, the present 3000 greenback Microsoft Hololens isn’t an reasonably priced possibility. Aryzon is just diversifying the market by providing a $30 possibility that works with each smartphone (IOs & Android). The augmented reality headset is shipped as a DIY package, which means that it matches proper by way of your letterbox.


The headset permits users to display any digital content material and their setting to life, which means a pet can play in your desk or card games can come to life. Extra sensible makes use of could be imagined akin to adorning your house in AR or visualizing new merchandise from on-line retailers. Even a physiotherapist can use the Aryzon, to clarify to a affected person why their knee hurts. The chances are actually countless.

The headset is totally accessible to builders of present 2D augmented reality apps for smartphones; their functions can simply be tailored for Aryzon. Examples vary from the Ikea augmented reality app that permits users to preview furnishings positioned of their room, or the Nike ID platform, which may very well be tailored to permit users to customise their kicks in augmented reality.

Aryzon will present a devoted platform for the visualization of digital content material that users can entry so as to serve a variety of users.  Aryzon hopes to create a group who’re keen about AR development, permitting the platform to be optimized and improved with the target of changing into the go-to platform for augmented reality content material creation and sharing.


To ensure that the augmented reality experience to really feel actual the projections should come into sight at practical distances which means the proper algorithms are wanted. Aryzon’s software permits for interactions with the fashions: users can scale, rotate and navigate in augmented reality.


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