Extra Info: http://www.beybladethegame.com/us/

Closing Date:30th November 2013
Enter: Subscribe, remark and share to win.
First Prize:
• Beyblade Evolution: Collector’s Version
• Beyblade CD Boombox with Radio & works with MP3 gamers
• Beyblade Mattress Linen
• Beyblade Seaside Towel
• Beyblade Pencil Case
• Beyblade Cash Tin
• Beyblade Thermal Pisces (Stamina) Efficiency Prime

We evaluation Beyblade Evolution 3DS, the brand new recreation out now. This combines a Beyblade simulation mode with the augmented reality multi-player motion that tasks the world into your living-room.
We battle L-Drago LW105LF vs Wing Pegasus 90WF.

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