Tomorrow, Limitless VR can be releasing the primary ever VR animated interactive short-film prototyped and animated inside a VR setting known as Reaping Rewards on Steam. Utilizing the Limitless VR Inventive Atmosphere and intuitive VR movement controllers, users will be capable to create their very own distinctive scenes throughout the story.

“Reaping Rewards” takes the VR viewer by a sequence of emotional selections as a younger Grim Reaper in coaching, and explores life and demise from a number of views. The interactive VR experience was directed by Matthew Ward (Bungie, Imagemovers Digital, Lucasfilm) and produced by Limitless Ltd. Unique music for the movie was written and carried out by Glen Phillips (Toad the Moist Sprocket).

Within the video above you may see how the Grim Reaper could be manipulated to take sure actions. With the inventive software suite, users have the power to create many alternative tales.

“’Reaping Rewards’ is the first VR project that shows how to use our interactive VR platform to quickly iterate and prototype directly in VR,” mentioned Tom Sanocki, founder and CEO of Limitless Ltd.  “For this showcase experience we wanted to push the boundaries of emotional connection in VR, and Matt’s story was a perfect fit. ‘Reaping Rewards’ is so different from anything we’ve seen yet in VR, and it’s been a great example of how our platform creates exceptional gains in efficiency and ease of use.”

Limitless first showcased their Limitless VR Inventive Atmosphere in 2016 with the discharge of an interactive movie known as Gary the Gull. This specific VR title allowed you to work together with the principle VR character, Gary the Gull by human voice, gestures, gaze, and extra.

Final Quarter, Limitless has partnered up with High Fidelity, a 3D virtual world creation platform based by the creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale. Beneath the settlement, Limitless know-how allow users of Excessive Constancy’s open source software toolset the power to create their very own interactive characters throughout the Excessive Constancy VR world. The Limitless Inventive VR Atmosphere is initially being focused to movie and sport builders, in addition to to different vertical markets together with training, promoting, and journey.

Limitless VR has plans to launch Reaping Rewards quickly on for the Oculus Rift.

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