Los Chavales y Suelta de Reses • en 3D

Plaza de Toros · Pastrana (Guadalajara, España)

Description in English:

Chavales = younger guys
Suelta de Reses = releasing of the bulls, to permit to roam free, within the streets and bullring.

As seen within the extra publicised event in Pamplona, the working within the streets will the bulls is a well-liked exercise. Not like Pamplona, with its multitude of individuals, smaller cities with a lesser pull on folks interested in the cities, which permits for extra creativity than only a straight run up the road.

An art-form of human agility versus pure violent muscle, with out the chaos, will be seen and appreciated. That is known as ‘recortes’. Essentially the most famous manoeuvre is the inverted arching of the again (bending over backwards) and making a curve from head to toe. That is carried out on the final doable second earlier than the horns of the bull can rip by means of the particular person’s physique.

This quick movie is about within the bullring – the second event following the ‘recortes’ within the streets. Hope you may get pleasure from this with an open thoughts.

Created by 2 cameras, side-by-side (SBS) for a 3D widescreen look, therefore the dearth within the vertical.

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