Intel is on the cusp of constructing the best know-how on the subject of computer processing and offering users with top notch efficiency. Their firm is concerned in lots of verticals and varied facets of enterprise together with VR. Intel is within the midst of making their very own standalone VR headset and in addition working with firms equivalent to HTC to deliver an untethered answer for the Vive headset.

And with heavy curiosity within the area of VR, they’ve been quietly scouting out expertise everywhere in the nation. And for some cause, Intel appears to have a vested curiosity within the Portland area. In a not too long ago launched YouTube video, Intel documented their ideas on this explicit area and their perception that this place is the following VR gold mine.

Portland has by no means been the preliminary hub however an amazing quantity of high high quality firms have come out of Portland, I believe that’s precisely what’s going to occur in VR.


Of their uploaded video, Intel additionally mentions the next.

“The quirky, cool Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon is an epicenter of a growing community of virtual reality creators, technology experts and consumers. For some, it feels like a VR gold rush in the Silicon Forest as more people move into the city with ambitions to share the future of immersive digital experiences.”

Whereas we’ve not often heard about any notable VR firms from Portland, Intel appears to have a vested curiosity within the area. What are your takes and ideas about Portland and Intel stating that this place appears like a “VR gold rush?”

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