Niantic announced just a few months in the past that it’ll be bringing some new concepts, events, and updates for Pokemon Go this summer season. Beginning as we speak, we’ll be seeing a few of these concepts come to fruition beginning with some updates to the health club system. Gyms will now not have status nor ranges, which have been as soon as a giant a part of how gyms labored.

Trainers used to assign a Pokemon to defend a health club. Different trainers may come by and problem the health club leaders dropping their status as soon as they defeated the assigned Pokemon. Now within the new replace, we’ll be seeing a brand new health club badge system together with Pokemon motivation. When gamers have taken over a health club and station a Pokemon in one of many six slots, the participant can then enhance the health club badge from bronze to gold by interacting with it. Intearactions can both occur within the types of battles or feeding Pokemon with berries that raises their motivation ranges.

Every Pokemon’s fight power (CP) is immediately related to their motivation ranges. If a Pokemon is left alone for an extended length with out being fed berries, you’ll begin to discover a drop in CP and motivation ranges, which makes it simpler in your enemies to defeat your health club. This partially permits trainers to work together with their gyms on a extra frequent stage fairly than simply leaving their Pokemon to fend for themselves. Niantic can also be including each day drops at gyms, just like how objects are dropped round PokeStops.

Battle order is one other enchancment that Niantic has made to the present health club system. In earlier variations of Pokemon Go, you’d discover that you just have been compelled to face Pokemon from weakest to strongest. However now, the brand new replace shuffles this order to size by which a Pokemon has been stationed on the health club. This permits gamers to have a greater probability in overtaking gyms and never having such a depleted core of Pokemon while you face the final opponent.

Moreover, Niantic has announced that it’ll be rolling out its new Raid Battle function in just a few weeks. Uncommon and legendary Pokemon will spawn round gyms for gamers to workforce up and battle the Pokemon.

“Raid Bosses are a new social co-op mechanic in Pokémon Go,” mentioned Edward Wu, director of software engineering at Niantic to GamesBeat. “We already feel like we were a very social game. Last summer, you’d see droves of people go to the park together, bring their friends and family, point out to each other like, ‘Hey look, there’s a Pokémon you should catch over there.’”

Previous to participating in a Raid Battle, an egg will spawn on the health club with a countdown timer to sign when the uncommon or legendary Pokemon hatches. it’ll additionally point out the extent of problem for gamers desirous to battle the Raid Boss collectively. Gamers should go to the actual health club’s location and hit the “battle” button on the similar time when the egg hatches. Niantic may also embrace a “private party” function that’ll only enable your invited associates to take part in a Raid Battle.

“We didn’t have any explicit social mechanics, those were all implicit,” Wu says. “But now we actually want to do players justice when they cooperate with each other by having an explicit social mechanic where if you group together and battle together you’ll be able to take on some really tough rare and powerful Pokémon in the game with the chance of even capturing them and getting exclusive items after you beat them.”

pokemon go fest in chicago

On top of those thrilling updates and options, Niantic might be internet hosting its first official real-world event known as Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago on July 22nd for $26.18.

“We feel like those live ops events really excite the community and energize them and provide an incentive to go out and play and catch the Pokemon they don’t have and complete their Pokédexes,” mentioned Archit Bhargava, international product advertising and marketing lead at Niantic.


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