In a bid to make VR video cost-effective and more accessible, YouTube has planned to launch VR180. This new VR video format attempts to reduce the concerns of price and accessibility posed by current 360-degree capture technology.

Unlike the full 360 degree view, VR180 allows viewers to watch immersive video in 180 degrees. The VR180 has the advantage of being less costly and more tech-friendly. The format is being developed in such a way so as to enable content creators to edit any footage captured with a VR180 camera with existing editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro.

Other pros of VR180 video is that it looks great on mobile as well as desktop. Also, VR180 videos will be easy to livestream over YouTube.

VR180 format has been developed by YouTube in collaboration with the Daydream team. YouTube is also striving to build VR180 cameras in collaboration with LG, Yi and Lenovo. The main idea behind this is to come up with a VR camera which is not only easy on the pocket but also easy to operate as a point-and-shoot camera. As per YouTube, VR180 cameras should enter the market this winter.

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