HTC has simply announced that they’ll be partnering up with Tate Fashionable to ship unmatched VR experiences in the course of the upcoming Modigliani exhibition – the primary of its sort at Tate Fashionable.

The distinctive exhibition is about to open to the general public from November 23rd, 2017 – April 2nd 2018. Included will probably be unique VR content material created by some astounding artists that take you to twentieth century Paris. The experience itself will draw on archival materials and new analysis that brings historical past to life.

Paris was very important to Modigliani the place he moved into the town in 1906 from Italy. Utilizing the Vive headset, guests will have the ability to delve into the environment that sculpted his art-form, revealing a recent perspective into Modigliani’s life and influences.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Tate Fashionable on this ground-breaking exhibition, said Paul Brown, GM for HTC Vive. “Initially of the 20th century, Modigliani was a pioneering drive in artwork innovation, pushing boundaries and new potentialities which impressed his friends and contemporaries. At Vive, we see one thing comparable initially of the 21st century with VR, and with Vive we need to revolutionise the way in which individuals create and experience artwork. Our relationship with Tate is one other step in the direction of bringing individuals nearer to artwork than ever earlier than.”

An increasing number of artwork displays are beginning to use the VR platform as an expressive medium the place they’ll mentally take viewers into an immersive world dreamed up by the artists.

“We are thrilled to be working with Vive to bring a new and exciting digital experience to our visitors, said Frances Morris, Director, Tate Modern. “We are always looking to push creative boundaries and we think this will be a fantastic opportunity to give the public a different and in-depth understanding of this much-loved artist through new technology.”

HTC Vive is working with many artists and movie studios at this time to push the boundaries of VR. Be sure that to take a look at the Modigliani exhibition in case you are within the space throughout that point!


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