HTC is gaining powerful support to accelerate the development of its VR (virtual reality) business, as it has newly collaborated with two tech giants Apple and Google to develop VR devices and applications, respectively.

Apple has announced that it will provide the first High Sierra operating system in the third quarter of 2017 to support HTC Vive VR headsets, said Raymond Pao, vice president of HTC’s VR New Technology Department.

Through the integration of Apple’s new operating system with the Steam VR platform, Pao continued, the usability of HTC Vive devices will be greatly boosted, while more content developers, inspired by Apple’s support, are expected to join forces to bolster the development of the VR industry.

Meanwhile, HTC is also cooperating with Google on the development of mobile VR devices incorporating the tech giant’s Daydream VR platform. Mobile VR devices are usually more suitable for playing short-time games and films, which can complement the product features and customer base of HTC Vive devices, thus helping to expand the user volume for HTC’s VR products, according to Pao.

As Facebook and Oculus have reportedly planned to jointly launch VR applications on social networking sites, HTC officials said that the company will have its presence in the new application field, given the fact that among over 20,000 content developers now covered in HTC’s Viveport platform, many are well versed in the VR applications and software development associated with social networking sites.

HTC officials stressed that the company has introduced many new technologies required for the development of next-generation technologies and applications. Among them, the most influential one will be the technology that can integrate high-speed wireless connection, VR and artificial intelligence (AI) to create new applications. They continued that whatever computing platforms used by consumers in the future, display technologies and applications associated with VR and AR (augmented reality) will become indispensable in the next-generation high-tech applications.

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