Good news comes one after another, after being featured on iTunes Store and Google Play, VeeR, the world’s leading VR content hosting platform, was featured by HTC VIVE as a top pick for its quality content.

On VeeR, our users are encouraged to organize videos they enjoy into playlists to share with others, through which many have become our opinion leaders. As one of the most active VR communities worldwide, VeeR employs engaging features like “Categories”, “Trending”, and “Leaderboard” to help our creators gain more likes and subscriptions. Their followers will also be notified whenever their favorite creators upload new videos. As a result, many renowned media agencies, celebrities and VR studios have chosen VeeR as their go-to website to publish their new work.

With its insight of global users’ urgent need for top-level VR productions, VeeR VR gave birth to a VR video sharing platform specialized in promoting VR creators and videos worldwide. In comparison to its competitors, VeeR’s products provide smoother playback and greater amount of resource. Based on its product strategy of globalization and premiumization, VeeR has gained a considerable market share on a global scale; the large userbase is due to its high-definition video quality, quick loading and active community engagement. To enhance user experience, VeeR VR never relents in optimizing its products. VeeR recommends videos according to users from different areas; the mobile app offers comment translation that considerably facilitates communication between users from various countries, by instantly translating other languages to their own; at the same time, VeeR VR furnishes mobile upload, heatmap, viewer retension analytics to help creators better target their audience. These factors also contributed significantly to VeeR VR being featured by HTC VIVE, which acknowledges VeeR VR’s popularity with its users.

VeeR VR, one of the largest and fastest growing global virtual reality video platforms, where VR video lovers and creators are boosting,  makes its mission to provide the best experience to its users and introduce VR to average users’ everyday life. Being recommended by HTC VIVE to its global community serves as the strongest endorsement of its visions.

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