I think its safe to say that most of us wanted to be Spider-Man in our high school years. The whole charm of the character is overcoming extreme odds to prove yourself to the world; its an allegory for puberty and the radical changes that happen to your body. That being said, we used to get actual good Spider-Man games, so a lot of us had our fix for web slinging and wall crawling years ago.

As for the younger generation, you guys can experience Spider-Man in a new VR experience! Out now on Steam for the low price of free, Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience is a first-person, VR laden adventure through the eyes of Tom Holland in the upcoming film. It features all of Spidey’s classic gimmicks as well as a boss battle against the Vulture…at least, I believe that is what’s going on in the trailer.

I’m not sure why this isn’t on PlayStation VR, considering Sony is bankrolling the film, but at least you won’t be tied to any specific PC headset. This “experience” works on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, so you just need to give it a download to have a go.

While I haven’t tested it out myself (I don’t own a VR headset), I will say that I’m pleased crappy movie tie-in games are now coming out as free things. It was always a shame, back in the day, to get super hyped for a film, buy the stupid game and then waste a month with something terrible.

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