We recently heard a rumor that Samsung was working on a stand alone version of their Samsung Gear VR headset which would work without a smartphone, the device was rumored to feature 2000ppi display.

According to a recent report this new Samsung Gear VR headset will be powered by a Samsung Eyxnos processor and will come with eye tracking.

The eye tracking for the new Samsung Gear VR has apparently been developed by a company called Visual Camp.

Visual Camp CEO Suk Yunchan said, “By collaborating with Samsung Electronics, our technology was internationally recognized at MWCS 2017, enabling us to secure a bridgehead for future global marketing efforts. Now, we will continue promoting the high quality of Korean startup technologies and products overseas.

As yet there are no details on when this new stand alone Samsung Gear VR headset will launch as soon as we get some more information, we will let you guys know.

Source Sammobile

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