Alexandre Millette
Michael J. McGuffin

Head-Mounted Shows (HMDs) mixed with Three-or-more Diploma-of-Freedom (DoF) input allow fast manipulation of stereoscopic 3D content material. Nonetheless, such input is often carried out with arms in midair and due to this fact lacks precision and stability. Additionally, latest consumer-grade HMDs undergo from restricted angular decision and/or restricted field-of-view as in comparison with a desktop monitor. We current the DualCAD system that implements two options to those issues. First, the user could freely swap at runtime between an augmented reality HMD mode, and a conventional desktop mode with exact 2D mouse input and an exterior desktop monitor. Second, whereas within the augmented reality HMD mode, the user holds a smartphone of their non-dominant hand that’s tracked with 6 DoF, permitting it for use as a complementary high-resolution display in addition to another input device for stylus or multitouch input. Two novel bimanual interplay methods that leverage the properties of the smartphone are offered. We additionally report preliminary user suggestions.

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