Oculus has been pumping out some improbable news as of late with their superb offers on the Rift bundle for just $399. This consists of the headset, Contact controllers, 2 sensors, and 6 superb games. Whereas that is only for a restricted time, Oculus is trying to maintain the costs low by providing the bundle as a set for simply $499 after the sale. That is one other worth lower from $599 that was offered just a few months ago!

All purchases included within the new bundled pricing embrace: Rift headset, two sensors, Contact controllers, cables, and 6 free titles if you activate Contact—Lucky’s TaleMediumToyboxQuillDead and Buried, and Robo Recall.

Oculus is getting rid of the unique Xbox One controllers we discovered within the unique bundled set. You possibly can nonetheless buy or use one with the Rift however the Contact controllers will now be the usual within the Oculus bundle. Whereas we’re seeing some ridiculous price-points coming from Workforce Oculus, we’ve but to see a placing response from Workforce Vive. Via our lately performed poll, we will see that price-point is beginning to have an impact throughout the neighborhood as cash is a delicate topic for customers.

What are your ideas and preferences for VR headsets?

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