The subsequent 12 months could possibly be the yr of VR.

2016 was purported to be the yr for VR. As many people who work within the VR trade know, it most definitely wasn’t.

Headset gross sales have been a lot decrease than each analysis report ever made on the topic, the killer VR app was not found by an eccentric band of recreation designers, and VR was not a mainstay within the market. Which is why a current Wall Avenue Journal article caught my eye.

The piece titled “Facebook Again Cuts Price of Oculus Rift VR Headset,” highlights how the Oculus Rift headset is falling behind in gross sales. However extra importantly, the article cites a graphic from analysis firm SuperData displaying the estimated gross sales of every high-end headset (Vive, Oculus, and Ps VR).

As a self-proclaimed VR stat geek, I used to be blown away by one in all these numbers. Notably that Ps VR had greater than 1.eight million gross sales.

To a non-VR insider following the trade, which may appear anemic and a very low gross sales quantity. However let’s put that into perspective.

The Ps VR system was launched in October of 2016, and earlier than it’s one yr mark it has revamped 770 million . Within the historical past of online game equipment, the Xbox Kinect was the quickest rising accent in historical past. If we calculate that everybody paid full worth at $150 (which they didn’t) the Kinect grossed 1.5 billion it’s first yr. Take into consideration that. The Ps VR headset has grossed at worst half of what the Xbox Kinect made, and it nonetheless has no less than three months of gross sales left! Even at a a lot increased worth level than Kinect, there may be nonetheless super monetization coming simply from the hardware facet for Ps VR.

What’s equally as spectacular is that Ps VR has managed to develop near 100 p.c in two quarters of gross sales.

Quite a few public figures famous that by the top of 2016 there will probably be near one million ps VR head units in circulation. If this progress charge holds true, by Q3 of 2018 Ps VR will have 10 million VR users.

Let that sink in too. In a yr and some months Ps may have 10 million VR users. I point out this as a result of that is the overall statistic that quite a few AAA corporations point out they would want to put money into constructing VR games.

We don’t have any VR crystal balls. Virtually each research report has punted on VR progress time and again. However, if these numbers coming from SuperData Analysis are appropriate, they’re extraordinarily promising. We all know the VR market is rising, but when it stays on the right track at this tempo, the following 12 months could possibly be the yr of VR.

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