“In May 2016, Markus Oberndorfer set out to revisit Ed Ruscha’s iconic work ‘Every Building on the Sunset Strip’. In commemoration of it’s 50th anniversary, Markus teamed up with camera operator Michael “Milo” Mandl to capture the Sunset strip as it is today in stunning 360 degree video.” (Tyler Winther)

Making of filmed and edited by Tyler Winther, Los Angeles. Commissioned by Markus Oberndorfer, © 2016, All Rights Reserved. Large Thanks to Tyler for the unbelievable documentation of this epic day (Could 11th, 2016), to my Akromegalie Information Paris household for the extra music, to Vivian Winther, Michael Mandl, Sira-Zoé Schmid, Thomas & Martina Egger, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich for Arts and Tradition, VRisch and rotaug for all of the assist that made this mission a reality. Take pleasure in!

the mission: markusoberndorfer.com/revisited/
the film-maker: vimeo.com/tylerwinther
the music: akromegalierecords.bandcamp.com

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