Visuartech is essentially the most developed Augmented Reality App for structure and engineering on this planet.

With Visuartech you can provide realism and life to your initiatives and / or merchandise (drawings, diagrams, graphics, pictures, logos, catalogs, posters, and many others). Additionally, you may:

01. Have a profile together with your company picture.
02. Handle all initiatives in RA in actual time.
03. Rotate, resize and transfer the fashions in all their views.
04. Insert audio fashions (sounds, explanations, music, and many others..)
05. Insert movies (explanatory, industrial, company, and many others.).
06. Create 3D fashions animation (meeting processes, and many others..).
07. Insert 3D fashions with textures video.
08. Make adjustments of textures simply together with your fingers.
09. Have an immersion in a 3D mannequin, (enter the mannequin for the view from the within).
10. Create a customized target and / or in actual time.
11. View fashions with out target.
12. Entry to the fashions straight from the house display screen.
13. Insert totally different traits of the layers (conceal, transfer, ….).
14. Block with password confidential challenge.
15. Make pictures and ship them through e-mail or by social networks.

1. Register without cost and entry to a management panel the place you may add your initiatives in augmented reality with the Welcome Pack.
2. Obtain the App “Visuartech” in your device from the AppStore:
or from GooglePlay:
three. Print this target and focus it together with your device.

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