Survios’ Raw Data is a VR game for HTC Vive where you feel like you’re the action hero, whether you’re wielding two guns, slicing and dicing with a katana, pumping a shotgun, or shooting arrows from a bow. Sure, killing a horde of AI enemies is fun, but it’s all about showing off your VR and motion control skills when you’re going up against online players. Raw Data’s PvP mode, “Hostile Takeover,” has you competing in vs matches where you can choose between 4 different hero classes. And the winners will have to outperform against the other team.

One of the big improvements in the controls is the addition of the “joystick” locomotion. To move around, you can use the controls to move forward and strafe. If you want speed, there’s the option of running fast by pressing a button, with the ability to turn by looking left and right via the VR headset.

You have 4 different heroes to choose from. Bishop wields two guns, and busting in on an area with them drawn is like being in a John Woo movie. Boss is great for close-quarters combat with his shotgun. Saija takes some getting used to for me, but she’s very dangerous up close with her katana. And then there’s my personal favorite, Elder, who specializes in archery.

Elder is definitely my favorite hero to use in Hostile Takeover. He is a harder character, but once you get the hang of him, you’ll feel like a badass as you channel your inner Green Arrow, Legolas, Hawkeye, or Katniss Everdeen. There’s something about drawing an arrow by using your hands and arms in real life. The moment you let go and hit a target is one of the best feelings in the world.

There’s one dirty tactic I like to use in the matches, and that’s to hide and crouch. Thanks to the HTC Vive, I’m able to become stealthy in real life by actually crouching. Yes, it worked as my avatar actually is crouched, making me harder to see. In a VR game, it feels really intense because you really immerse yourself in the world.

To make the matches more interesting, the map will have stealth and armor powerups, so use them to your advantage. The PvP mode features many king-of-the-hill maps with up to 5v5 players. In addition, you can go up against a player in the 1v1 Duel mode.

Survios is committed to improving the game after its release. And the new update brings new life by giving us a very cool and captivating online experience that will make you work your body for your kill.

Raw Data Update 0.7, aka Hostile Takeover, is now available.

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