The last word battle for Eternia® has begun! Skeletor™ has seized Fortress Grayskull® and captured He-Man™ and the Masters of the Universe®. Siphoning the Energy of the Elders has made Skeletor and his minions insanely robust and invulnerable. He-Man is being held captive at Snake Mountain™ and you’re the only one who can save him! Working side-by-side with He-Man, The Most Highly effective Man within the Universe®, you need to rapidly defeat Skeletor and his minions and escape the evil lair. In any other case, Skeletor will convey darkish ages to all of Eternia! Use Energy Ups and Upgrades to heal and strengthen your assault. Battle legendary villains like Beast Man®, Evil-Lyn™ and Skeletor. This time YOU have the power!

virtual reality adventures.

Come take a look round. You gained’t imagine what you may see!

• Enter the world of virtual reality and journey to Eternia to battle Skeletor alongside He-Man.

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