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Abstract to the TWD Season 7×1 Historical past :

| As soon as Rick had a second to catch his breath atop the RV, he flashed us again to the second that Negan selected Abraham as his sufferer. After the primary blow, Sgt. Ford spat, “Suck. My. Nuts.” However that was all she wrote for Sasha’s boyfriend, whom Negan stored bashing lengthy after he was lifeless. “Look at my dirty girl,” Negan stated, brandishing Lucille in entrance of Rosita and asking if she and Abraham had been collectively. When she couldn’t take a look at the bat, Daryl actually leapt to her protection.
Although Dwight supplied to place an arrow in Daryl’s cranium, Negan had one other thought. Since “I need you to know me,” he defined to the Alexandrians, he rotated and struck Glenn so laborious that it made one in all his eyes pop. (And yes, it’s as laborious to type a recap with tears in your eyes as you’d anticipate.) Earlier than Negan completed off his second sufferer, Glenn turned to his spouse and, with what energy he had left, promised, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Proving himself to be the final word psycho, Negan then cracked that Lucille was nonetheless thirsty, as she was a “vampire bat.”

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