A VR headset is available at USC’s Fertility program pre-loaded with grownup content material and available to males to help them in gathering their sperm.

The power was given the headset a number of weeks in the past in response to grownup leisure firm VR Bangers, and we confirmed with the ability the system has been used.

“We are very sensitive to all of our patients’ needs and the stress of collecting a sperm specimen in a doctor’s office is a major source of stress for our male patients,” mentioned Dr. Richard Paulson of the USC Los Angeles Fertility Heart, in a press launch despatched by the grownup leisure firm. “The virtual reality unit from VR Bangers offers the patient an opportunity to leave, in a virtual way, the stressful environment of the collection room and makes the experience more pleasant.”

We don’t recall anybody beforehand discussing the usage of VR to help in sperm assortment for the needs of in vitro fertilization, however grownup leisure is a steadily mentioned use case for VR and the immersive expertise has additionally been seeing use as a software in hospitals and clinics to distract sufferers from their ache and environment.

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