Pokemon GO Festival in Chicago was a disaster. Easy as that. Niantic had issues with their community and had huge server points the place most attendees couldn’t log into their apps to be part of the particular raid events.

In response, Niantic issued refunds on all tickets for individuals who attended the Chicago event and in addition offered these people with $100 in PokeCoins. On top of that, trainers got particular eggs that contained legendary Pokemon. However folks nonetheless appear to be tremendous upset to the purpose that they filed a lawsuit towards Niantic.

In line with Polygon, Chicago-based lawyer Thomas Zimmerman mentioned he was contacted by Jonathan Norton, a California native who traveled to Chicago for the event. He and “20 or 30” others discovered it outrageous that Niantic wouldn’t reimburse their journey bills so that they have filed a class-action lawsuit towards the corporate.

“He paid to fly out [to Chicago] for the festival, and had to wait for several hours in line, just like most everybody else in order to get in,” Zimmerman mentioned. Norton was fairly upset that Niantic falsely marketed the event. Zimmerman acknowledged that this went towards what Niantic marketed, which was that attendees would get hard-to-find Pokémon.

“We’re not seeking any relief with respect to the failure to get legendary Pokémon, because Niantic is offering that,” Zimmerman continued. “But Niantic is not offering to refund people’s travel expenses for coming to Chicago. Most of the people came from out of state, many people from other countries — I talked to someone who flew in from Japan.”

Zimmerman acknowledged that his shoppers are asking for the sum of money spent on journey be lined greater than anything. despite the fact that Niantic made “promises that were not kept.”

“The issue is, what was promised, what was the incentive that people relied on and the representations that people relied on to buy a ticket and make travel plans and fly to Chicago to participate in this festival, would they have done that had they known that that was not going to be lived up to and they weren’t going to get the experience that was represented?” Zimmerman requested.

Niantic has issued a press release regarding the matter: “Niantic does not comment on pending legal matters.”

What are your ideas in regards to the lawsuit?

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