10 extra AR demos – https://youtu.be/Rf5ucN8fxYY
Extra iOS 11 movies – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?listing=PLnrq9lpPSazv4O348U-asCYBXS9IxjTKN

I initially glossed over the Augmented Reality performance in iOS 11, however builders have already accomplished some superb work to make this a standout function. I am unable to look ahead to the flood of recent AR apps launched alongside iOS 11 this Fall!

Earlier video – https://youtu.be/y9f1d4n7c0s
Video gear – http://iupdateos.com/gear/

Tape measure by laanlabs – https://youtu.be/z7DYC_zbZCM
Portal by Nedd – https://youtu.be/rIPfpGCxONQ
Minecraft by MatthewHallberg – https://youtu.be/qFGx9QcE5Gk
Naval battle by Immersion VR – https://youtu.be/VdaWHv6hmJk
Moon touchdown by Tomás García – https://youtu.be/6OV2mBbNtVk
SpaceX Falcon 9 touchdown by Tomás García –

Airplane demo by blocbonbon – https://youtu.be/nMd0dIAEJuc
Parking a automotive by Vincenzo C – https://youtu.be/1hvfpxaxGwc
AR meals by Alper Guler – https://youtu.be/IjE1TnZ1S1c
Dancing robotic 😱 by Tomás García – https://youtu.be/1G2YbQuQHps

For extra ARKit demos, take a look at http://www.madewitharkit.com.

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