Jim Jannard, founding father of Oakley and RED Digital Cinema just lately announced that they’ll be releasing the primary holographic sensible phone known as the Hydrogen One.

In response to RED, the Hydrogen One is “The world’s first holographic media machine, in your pocket, no glasses, needed.” The product is a totally standalone multi-band smartphone working on Android OS. They describe it to have the ability to “shatter the mold of conventional thinking” with its’ potential to display holograms with out utilizing a peripheral device. Hydrogen One will include a 5.7″ retina display that includes superior nanotechnology that’s seamlessly switches between conventional 2D content material, holographic multi-view content material, 3D content material, and interactive games. It’ll be practical on each panorama and portrait modes.

Embedded within the OS will probably be a proprietary H30 algorithm that converts stereo sound into expansive multi-dimensional audio, just like 5.1 sound in your headphones. It’ll additionally characteristic one thing known as the Hydrogen System which includes a high-speed knowledge bus to allow a complete and ever-expanding modular element system. This lets you shoot at larger high quality movement and nonetheless photos in addition to Hydrogen format holographic photos.

Immediately, we received to see the unveiled prototype of the RED Hydrogen holographic smartphone because of Marque Brownlee. Within the video, you may see the economic design generally discovered on RED merchandise. It’s additionally fairly giant in size as evident within the video when it’s laid subsequent to the iPhone 7+. However it looks as if it matches comfortable within the pocket.

There are additionally grips and ridges on the aspect to higher maintain the costly holographic phone. Presently, pre-orders for the aluminum mannequin begin at $1,195 whereas the Titanium model begins at $1,595. The phone can also be charged by USB Sort-C with an auxiliary port on the backside.

Red Hydrogen Holographic Smartphone Size Comparison

On the entrance of the phone, there are entrance dealing with audio system with a 5.5″ tremendous high-resolution display. On the again, you’ll discover pins on the backside which permits for snap-on mods that provides to the performance of the phone.

The video itself doesn’t present the working prototype for the holographic display. Nonetheless, Brownlee has acknowledged that he was fairly blown away when he had the chance to test it out. RED plans on showcasing a working mannequin within the subsequent 30 to 45 days so keep tuned for these upcoming bulletins!

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