Virtual reality is already pretty hard knocks in our lives.

Business Matters published a list of the most influenced by virtual reality (VR) industries.

VR fitness

The fitness industry is one of the most obvious use for VR. With the market launch of the simulator Icaros using technology for exercise, the fitness industry has changed. “Athlete” is placed on the simulator in the “flying” position, selects a virtual world in which it wants to be, and flies. But in the real world his body performs the exercise. Even for those people who can’t cope with laziness and go to the gym, this machine will be interesting.

VR gaming console

The game is one of the most obvious applications of virtual reality. The industry of gaming consoles is already testing VR and, as the technology becomes more affordable, its use will increase.

VR mobile games

Popular in the world of Pokemon Go! experimented with mixing real and virtual worlds. The popularity of this game worldwide is huge. If VR games will make one more step and will allow players to see the virtual elements in real life, then technology really will conquer the world.

VR online games

Even the iGaming industry is set up to use this technology and NetEnt”s Gonzo’s Quest has already received a prototype of the VR issue. Original title may sound like Paddy Power Bingo where players can bet £5 and play with £40. Actively begin to develop and the sector of online poker. Why leave home when you can play in a virtual reality, like being in a real club.

VR universities

The choice of University will no longer be limited to geographical location, at least from the point of view of acquaintance with the terms of placement and campus. VR tours of the campus have already begun to spread and make life far easier for future students. Applicants can make informed decisions about campus and placement without the need for travel, which gives more choice to the people who can’t afford to spend large sums on travel. Also approaching the time of active development of VR-broadcasts of lectures for students of distance learning, as well as for those who listens to lectures at a convenient time. Imagine that you “are” a day in the University, which in reality you hundreds or thousands of miles away!

VR real estate

Staying on campus is not the only issue in real estate that can be solved with the help of VR. Real estate agents can show potential buyers the objects, but in reality to arrange a meeting. When choosing a home the buyer can repeatedly “visit” him, to consider all the nuances and make an informed buying decision.

VR meeting

Once considered cutting-edge in the business world, conference calls and even Skype calls became a thing of the past. They are replaced by VR meeting that allows members to feel like they are actually in the same room. This approach can bring real benefits to the business. The company can even order the same snacks and drinks for each participant in a VR meeting to combine both real and virtual world.

The future of VR

In technological circles, VR is often called trend. But, unlike other fleeting fantasies, she likely will enter our lives and remain in it for the long haul. Technology capabilities are still not even understood. As soon as people realize how widely you can use VR, there’s no going back. While there is a small test stages in many business sectors, but virtual reality is definitely already here.

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