This venture explores the thermal cameras for visualizing summary and difficult thermal ideas. On this work we now have developed a spatial augmented reality system that makes use of a projector to reinforce a workspace with knowledge from a thermal digicam. Objects are colored primarily based on their deviation from room temperature, which permits learners to experience a hands-on and embodied exploration and interrogation of on a regular basis thermal ideas and processes. Future work will examine human interplay with the system.

The system consists of a FLIR A35 thermal digicam, a Epson EB-1940W projector, and a Kinect present projection mapping correction, compensating for the offset between digicam and projector.

Karljohan Lundin Palmerius and Konrad Schönborn, “Visualization of Heat Transfer using Projector-based Spatial Augmented Reality”, in Augmented Reality, Digital Reality and Laptop Graphics, Lecture Notes in Laptop Science 9768, 2016, pp. 407–417

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