ROCCAT Video games Studio in partnership with Oculus has announced the world’s first VR house repairman simulator known as Elevator… To The Moon!

This upcoming title options an insanely immersive VR puzzle-based journey sport the place users will discover themselves in a secret underground facility, pressured to construct a moon elevator by the off-kilter, loudmouth President of the World, Doug Slater-Roccmeier. Gamers should restore Roccmeier’s damaged elevator by the numbers as he screams weirdness in your ear by way of intercom… or completely ignore him and spend your time breaking stuff, hacking the digital brains of a mysterious AI, or perhaps even consuming house cookies.

Elevator… To The Moon! was developed by ROCCAT Recreation Director Marc Barnes, Developer Carsten Busold, and 3D Artist Hannah Paulmann. In a brief interview with Oculus, Barnes described how they got here to develop the sport.

“The original idea of solving puzzles in a moon elevator built by a bossy president came not long after Google Cardboard was announced,” stated Barnes. “That method you wouldn’t have to fret about monitoring or complicated inputs and the puzzles, and the setting would change as you ascended into house.

Marc Barnes then needed to pitch this concept to CEO Rene Korte to make it come alive. ROCCAT plans on releasing the sport on the identical time on the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

“Developing a Gear VR and Rift version in tandem is a challenge,” Barnes said. “Carsten and Hannah have worked hard to come up with some really creative solutions to support multiple controller types and a graphical style that translates strongly across both platforms.”

Within the trailer, you’ll be able to hear a foolish voice in the beginning which seems like a combination between Justin Roiland’s voice (Rick and Morty) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The gameplay proven within the trailer additionally has a singular aura about it that makes it fulfilling with out even taking part in the sport. It really resembles Job Simulator fairly a bit.

ROCCAT presently has high hopes for Elevator… To The Moon! as their demo reactions went rather well. It went so properly to the purpose that one girl spent over an hour on a single degree whereas cracking up the entire time.

“I was a little worried when she came out,” Barnes defined. “Turns out she got distracted, trying to throw things at bats, finding the tape for the boombox, throwing stuff into the lava—just generally mucking around and making the president angry.”

Elevator… To The Moon! might be available on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR a while in October. Ensure that to remain tuned for additional updates!

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