Marilyn-SchlitzDr. Marilyn Schlitz is a social anthropologist, consciousness researcher, and co-author of the books Consciousness & Healing and Living Deeply. Her anthropological work has been on the frontier of researching how totally different cultures use numerous indigenous practices to invoke mind-body interactions for the sake of therapeutic, and she or he’s give you larger order frameworks to explain consciousness transformations from religious practices. She’s beginning to have a look at easy methods to invoke states of awe & marvel inside VR, and whether or not this can have the ability to catalyze collective shifts in consciousness.

She says that we’re every residing inside our personal reality bubbles, and that among the most vital expertise within the 21st Century will have the ability to come to an consciousness of our filters and to domesticate the capacity to know, empathize, and work together with people who find themselves residing in fully totally different fashions of reality. We discuss among the sport design work that she’s doing so as to obtain this, in addition to how virtual reality would possibly present a window into our multidimensional nature and assist us change into extra conscious of our personal elements of inattentional blindness.


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