Blizzard announced huge modifications to considered one of Overwatch‘s hottest characters, Mercy. The healer is dropping her capability to resurrect all useless allies close by.

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan defined the reasoning behind the change within the above developer replace. Mercy’s resurrection capability was very highly effective, however not all that enjoyable. It inspired Mercy gamers to mainly disguise till they may use it, whereas it could frustrate the opposite workforce because it may undo a powerful play.

However Mercy isn’t going away empty-handed. She’ll nonetheless have the ability resurrect gamers. As a substitute of it being her Final capability (which take the longest time to turn into available), it’ll be an everyday capability on a shorter, 30-second cooldown … and it’ll only resurrect one target at a time.

Mercy’s new final, Valkyrie, powers up her therapeutic and injury whereas giving her the flexibility to fly. Mercy has all the time been capable of float towards teammates and decelerate her descent towards the bottom, however this shall be true flying. She’ll additionally shoot quicker, have limitless ammo, and her therapeutic and damage-boosting beams can chain to a number of allies. Plus, the cooldown on her Resurrection capability drops to 10 seconds.

These modifications are dwell now on Overwatch’s PTR (public check realm). That is the place Blizzard tries out modifications earlier than making them available within the official recreation. Blizzard can be introducing announced modifications to the tank character D.Va to the PTR, shortening the length of her Protection Matrix capability (which absorbs enemy projectiles), letting her shoot whereas boosting, and giving her a brand new rocket salvo transfer.

Since these up to date characters are on PTR, they’re topic to alter.

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