Final say on which VR Cover you should get for the HTC Vive. This is a VR Cover review containing all new VR Covers that are available now in 2017.

In this video we review the new HTC Vive VR Covers, the 6 mm PU leather foam replacements, the 14 mm memory foam replacement, the new deluxe audio strap foam replacement, we take a look at the disposable hygiene covers, the leather waterproof VR cover, the cotton VR covers and the HTC Vive VR Cover Velour ones. In this video we will tell you what we think of each of them, at the end of the VR Cover review we will let you know which one we think you should get for the Vive and we will answer the most important question of all as well: which Vive VR Cover is the most sexy on the Vive?

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