Discover sound therapeutic via a gaggle meditation after which via hands-on use of virtual reality music and sound experiences.

Sound has been utilized in varied cultures for hundreds of years as a instrument for therapeutic. Whether or not via the usage of mantras as with the Hindis, the Icaros (drugs melodies) of assorted Indigenous peoples from Central and South America, or Pythagoras’ use of interval and frequency, these varied methods all have the identical intention: to maneuver us from a spot of imbalance to a spot of stability.

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How does it work?

Deliver one thing comfy to put on.

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state through the use of entrainment. Entrainment synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by offering a secure frequency which the brainwave can attune to. Through the use of rhythm and frequency, we are able to entrain our brainwaves and it then turns into doable to down-shift our regular beta state (regular waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even attain theta (meditative state) and delta (sleep; the place inside therapeutic can happen).

This identical idea is utilized in meditation by regulating the breath, however with sound it’s the frequency that’s the agent which influences the shift.

What’s it like?

A sound remedy remedy is each a passive and participatory experience. The passive side is that you just develop into extra relaxed by laying down and slowing your breath. By doing this, you put together your self to develop into the receiver of sound. It’s on this place of stillness that you just take part by changing into extra open and conscious of every sound that is available in. Sound helps create the pathway to this place of stillness the identical as a mantra lets you arrive on the nonetheless level of meditation.

Sound has the power to positively have an effect on our entire being. Eileen McCusick, creator of Tuning The Human Biofield, has been exploring the idea that our refined physique acts as reminiscence storage. For instance, a tree has rings that reach outward because the tree grows. McCusick means that our refined physique expands and shops our life experiences in an analogous method. If we apply frequency with tuning forks we may also help blocked power from previous experiences transfer towards the energetic filtration system of every chakra, in order that the caught power might be recycled again into our life drive.

What can sound heal?

Utilizing sound as remedy can present outcomes for a wide range of points together with:

  • Sleep issues
  • Nervousness
  • Melancholy
  • Stress management
  • PTSD
  • Melancholy
  • Ache management
  • Our physique, thoughts and spirit all the time need to be transferring in a path towards stability, but we frequently have an excessive amount of outer stimulus and noise and never sufficient time to dedicate to ourselves, which may forestall us from reaching a greater state of concord. Sound has a method of serving to us get to the source of this inside peace all of us need.

Join us on September 7, 2017 for an evening of sound healing adopted by mingling and virtual reality experiences all centered round meditation, sound and therapeutic.

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