Modern browsers support not only fast and simple browsing of Web, but also access to core graphics functions via WebGL browser integrated technology. However, web designers or even 3D modelers usually never use this functionality to present their works: using of advantages of 3D graphics requires using of complex tools or lot of programming skills specific to GPU based rendering.

Why to present 3D models in real-time on the web?

Downloading of 3D model from the web usually comes with “surprises”. Potential buyer of model can see beautiful images rendered by professional rendering tools, but the actual downloaded model differs from model on the image. To avoid this, seller needs to present a 3d model “live” in real-time view with all possible options, including wireframe. This will generate more trusted traffic between the seller and the buyer of 3D model.

What about interactivity?

If a 3D model is published “live” on the web, it can be viewed in all possible cases, including wireframe and materials with different point of view. So, a model can be presented with different options.

What about real-time rendering in browser?

Real-time rendering logic is very different from standard render mechanism. WebGL gives just an interface to perform GPU based calculations. How to use this interface, it is a choice of solutions and development. In this article, we will review real-time web based rendering example by ArtisGL platform and its publisher ArtisGL 3D Publisher 2.1 (to date, available under Windows 10 Store only)

Untextured scene with 750K of polygons is imported from

Textures are included in archive. So, through the material editor all textures are placed on the model and bump mapping is adjusted for each material.

Now single light shadow is turned on. As the position of lights on ArtisGL 3D Publisher is placed automatically we turn off “Cast Shadow” option for ceiling to avoid casting shadow from ceiling into room.

Adding ambient and surround lights with shadows

Surround lights add more realism to the scene. Multiple lights generated shadows are now visible in room. Controlling ambient light also adds more realism to the scene.

Now add bloom, ambient occlusion and brightness/contrast to the scene from “Effects” section of menu.

Add more appearances to the scene

It is simple, just add appearances of the scene from the left menu and edit each appearance

Publish to Web

Press “Publish to Web” and see online

Enjoy published version

More about ArtisGL is a free platform and tool, which entered the market a month ago, but had already got attention of 3D modelers and CG graphics resources. ArtisGL is a tool and online platform which combines different concepts –360 panoramas and interactive 3D scenes promotion on the web. It is free. At this moment, the tool is available under Windows 10 Store only

ArtisGL tools are very simple to use, even if the user is not a 3D designer he can use it by importing 3D model and publish it to the web.

It is secure. ArtisGL does not store original data of model.

Generate more traffic and more potential customers as a result.

Show live model with multiple experiences and views instead of static images

Publishing models on own websites and blogs

Sharing your live models with customers and live discussion during project implementation

Putting your models in different environments in a matter of minutes

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