Augmented Reality Android Utility

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This utility was developed with a view to enhance the client interplay with merchandise in a novel approach. Augmented Reality for promoting is pretty a brand new technique in Sri Lanka, therefore this utility can have lot of development potential sooner or later promoting trade.

There’s a picture target, and the Android phone user will see the augmented atmosphere via the phone display when user directing the phone digicam in the direction of the picture target. Consumer can work together with the augmented atmosphere by rotating, zooming, dragging and touching the picture target in addition to Android phone display display.

In my utility I developed a battle area the place it renders battle sound, warfare craft, army tanks, fireplace, flames, smoke and so forth… when Android digicam place in the direction of the picture target. Sound will enhance and reduce relying on the proximity to the picture target type Android device. Consumer navigate phone via the battle area to see the 3D objects and scenes in a extra lifelike method.

Capabilities within the app
• Augmented Surroundings on top of picture target. (defined within the above)
• Digital Button (btn_soldier)
 When the user touches the centre of picture target, a 3D mannequin of a soldier will seem on centre place of picture target.
 C# script was written (VBSoccerballEventHandler.cs) to attain this performance. OnButtonPressed() and OnButtonReleased() technique was used.
• Drag augmented object over the display by touching display.
 Consumer can drag the warfare air craft to totally different positions of the display by touching the air craft object and dragging it.
 Physics property of Mesh Collider was given to Air Craft.
 C# script was written (MyDragBehaviour.cs). This was taken from Vuforia official developer internet portal and did minor changes.

Instruments used
• Vuforia computer vision AR package deal for Unity Android IOS package deal
• Unity3D
• Unity Asset retailer for 3D fashions

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