You might be watching an AR answer which incorporates attention-grabbing and sturdy strategies, similar to markerless picture recognition/monitoring engine, 3D display engine, and authoring device.
The AR answer is optimized for Three-D pop-up e-book and AR kiosk.
The answer is developed by REALTIMEVISUAL Inc., Korea. It has been engaged on complete options for AR functions.
They’ve sturdy picture recognition, looking the multi pictures DB for target picture, and 3D picture monitoring , VR/AR, and navy modeling & simulation applied sciences.
The AR authoring device helps enhance the productiveness of creating contents, as a result of it’s covenient to make use of. One other firm’s AR answer generally is troublesome to make contents, as a result of It’s primarily based on script language.
The AR participant is quick and sturdy. It additionally has interplay, animaiton, time management, event management, and 3D rendering results.

리얼타임비쥬얼(주)은 증강현실/가상현실/시뮬레이션 분야의 기술력을 보유한 업체입니다.

리얼타임비쥬얼(주)은 마커가 아닌 일반 이미지 인식 및 3차원 트레킹 기술을 이용한 증강현실 3D 팝업북 솔루션을 출시하였습니다.

리얼타임비쥬얼(주) 에서 개발한 증강현실 솔루션은 다수 이미지 인식/검색/트레킹 성능과 안정성 측면에서 세계적 수준이고, 또한 손쉽게 콘텐츠를 제작할 수 있는 편리한 증강현실 콘텐츠 저작도구를 포함하고 있습니다.

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