Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg used the N-word on a latest YouTube livestream, and that has some folks upset with him — together with Firewatch co-creator Sean Vanaman. After getting annoyed with one other participant throughout a match within the Battle Royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PewDiePie screamed: “What a fucking n*****.” Within the video, you possibly can see him instantly catch himself, which ends up in him stammering out a “sorry” after which calling the opposite participant an “asshole” as a substitute.

PewDiePie is YouTube’s top creator. His channel is approaching 60 million subscribers, and his day by day uploads recover from four million views usually. This makes every of his slip ups extremely noticeable (he previously drew attention for making jokes sympathetic to Nazis), and this has folks criticizing him as soon as once more. Throughout the livestream, the megapopular video creator tried to elucidate his actions.

“[The other player] did a dick move, and I tried to think of the worst word,” PewDiePie stated whereas laughing. “And I end up saying n*****.”

The YouTube star then went on to indicate that he couldn’t have offended any of his true followers.

“I know that no one watching gives a shit,” he claimed.

He didn’t elaborate on why he thinks his followers watching him dwell wouldn’t care. I’ve requested PewDiePie for a remark, and I’ll replace this publish with any new data. However prior to now he has stated that his common viewers perceive that he’s probably not racist or bigoted, so when he says one thing just like the N-word, it’s meant as a goof.

However one group isn’t taking his language as a joke, and that’s precise white supremacists and Nazis. Within the feedback for one of many many movies documenting PewDiePie’s racial outburst, the highest-rated remark asks if the Swedish video maker is “/ourguy/,” which is a meme to ask if a public determine shares white-supremacist values. Somebody responds with “88th like,” which is one other coded reference — this time to Nazi Hitler salute.

Above: Nazis proceed to like PewDiePie.

Picture Credit score: YouTube

PewDiePie hasn’t addressed any of this criticism but, however he did have fun about how this may have an effect on his livelihood.

“I just hope I don’t lose my sponsorship deals, y’know,” PewDiePie stated, apparently as a goof.

But it surely looks as if his actions might have already got a minimum of a small affect on the cash he makes from producing YouTube movies as a result of Campo Santo cofounder Sean Vanaman stated he plans to file DMCA takedowns of the any PewDiePie movies that function his games. Campo Santo produced the superb narrative journey Firewatch, and PewDiePie has a video with that recreation that has over 5 million views.

I’ve reached out to Vanaman for extra details about his plans to train his rights below the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to guard his works. Whereas the DMCA offers creators like Vanaman a pathway to take away copyright violations that they discover on-line, it’s an untested regulation. PewDiePie might declare that he owns the total copyright to his video primarily based on Honest Use, which protects transformative works that embrace references and content material from different texts. However no case has actually gone the gap to ascertain that as a authorized precedent.

For now, nonetheless, Vanaman appears decided to see it by means of. As he stated on social media in a response to criticism about his DMCA threats on social media, “well, we’ll see what our attorneys have to say about it tomorrow.”

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