Valve’s SteamVR movement monitoring tech is getting a big upgrade in just a few months and builders are nonetheless discovering new makes use of for it past VR. Take the Otus Tracker, the brand new device from RCBenchMark in Canada. It permits a user to trace a drone’s place indoors with sub-millimeter accuracy.

The Otus Tracker works like this: The user units up two base stations within the house they wish to use the drone, identical to they’d contained in the room they use for VR. The ultra-lightweight Tracker is then connected to the drone, permitting it to trace its place relative to the bottom stations. Builders can write their very own code to regulate their robots, and the Otus tracker comes with plug-ins for C++., C, C#, Python, Labview, Matlab and ROSS.

The constancy of the movement seize is spectacular, even when there there are a restricted variety of use instances for drones in such an enclosed house. Nevertheless, the Otus Tracker goals to be an essential step ahead for researchers utilizing unmanned aerial automobiles (UAVs).

In accordance with lead developer Charles Blouin: “For UAV designers, the accurate measurement of position and orientation is critical to the development of control algorithms, to improving vision and sensor fusion code, to controlling a drone precisely indoors, to studying robot cooperation (swarm robotics), and much more. Until now, the only solution has been to use camera-based motion trackers, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, to obtain the same tracking area provided by the Otus Tracker.”

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