Mouse and video gaming settings could make or break your Counter-Strike: World Offensive experience, so it’s crucial to make sure you have settings which can be best for you. It’s additionally necessary to acknowledge that the only method to know these settings and their suitability to you is to play CS:GO and check out every setting.

Right here, we’ll take a look at the mouse and video gaming settings of 5 totally different CS:GO professionals, and we’ll examine them to see what every means to every participant’s particular play style. First, learn a by-the-numbers description of every participant’s settings. Then, we’ll go in-depth to take a look at the variations. (Notice that we’re skipping EDPI as a result of it’s merely two of the opposite measures multiplied collectively.)

Above: CS:GO professional gamers’ settings


You possibly can examine full setting details of your favourite CS:GO participant or extra on Now, let’s take a look at what every of those truly signifies.


Let’s begin with DPI. In easy phrases, DPI is a measure of the space your mouse cursor strikes relative to the space your precise bodily mouse strikes. You’ll discover that each skilled gamer on this record has a DPI at or close to 400, besides “coldzera” (his DPI is 800).

A 400 DPI with an in-game sensitivity of two.2 is the same as 800 DPI with an in-game sensitivity of 1.1. Then the place is the distinction? Why would “coldzera” differ from the native 400 DPI?

The generally recognized distinction is that with a 400 DPI and an elevated in-game sensitivity, there are minor jitters in your crosshair throughout motion. These aren’t even noticeable in the course of the play. Nonetheless, with a better DPI and decrease in-game sensitivity, the jitters don’t occur. You possibly can see the distinction by testing it your self by zooming in on the in-game display screen. For zooming functions use “fov_cs_debug” within the console, inserting “1” as a price will zoom in and “0” will zoom out.

Right here we encounter one other frequent query. If the upper DPI with low in-game sensitivity will increase the accuracy, then why the skilled gamers don’t use a a lot larger DPI? The reply is straightforward. When you’re in-game, the sensitivity works superb. However whenever you open the menu for purchasing or crew choice or for recreation settings, the cursor motion turns into accelerated. Making it a bit of onerous to regulate with the sudden change within the cursor motion. All of it depends upon the non-public choice. And, you will see that this to be true for the opposite settings described right here.

USB price

USB price is just the speed at which a mouse sends knowledge to a computer. You see two totally different settings represented right here: 500 and 1000. The 1000 setting sends the computer a extra correct studying of the particular place of the mouse. It tends to make use of a tiny bit extra of the CPU than the 500 setting. However many will inform you that the USB price, whereas it differs from mouse to mouse, doesn’t truly matter all that a lot in terms of augmenting your expertise.

Home windows sensitivity

Right here’s the place issues get a bit of extra difficult. Each participant on this record has a Home windows sensitivity setting of 6, besides “ScreaM” who has it set at 5. Home windows sensitivity is the pace that the working system strikes the cursor by one pixel. Six is the mid-range default setting. Due to this fact, the default setting is utilized by avid gamers in competitors. “ScreaM”’s setting makes the OS modify the mouse input in order that at 5, the mouse pointer pace strikes at zero.75 instances the default setting. This setting fits him properly along with his larger in-game sensitivity, beneath, and provides him higher management.

In-game sensitivity

In-game sensitivity is the setting used inside CS:GO. The professionals featured right here vary from 1.1 (“coldzera”) to 2.5 (“ScreaM”). Many gamers discover extra success with ultra-high sensitivity settings, whilst high as Nonetheless, as a measure of the pace at which the mouse pointer strikes, it’s all a few matter of choice — simply take a look at “coldzera”’s comparatively low setting. You simply want to select probably the most applicable in-game sensitivity together with different related settings akin to windows sensitivity or DPI and begin practising on it. A number of decimals up or down could be required to succeed in an optimum sensitivity.

Zoom sensitivity

Zoom sensitivity is a measure of how briskly the in-game zoom occurs. Most gamers have theirs set to, aside from “Niko”, who has his at zero.eight, because of this he needs a barely slower zoom. It’s necessary to check out totally different sensitivities to see what works for you, however appears to be the gold commonplace. Reducing it additional will decrease the zoom motion pace which in precise is already slower than the traditional crosshair motion.

Mouse acceleration

Mouse acceleration impacts the motion of the crosshair on display screen. With mouse acceleration is turned off, the ratio between the motion of the mouse and the crosshair will likely be 1:1, that means your crosshair will transfer proportionally to the space you moved your mouse.

Nonetheless,In case you activate the mouse acceleration, the motion of the crosshair display screen will then be immediately associated to the pace with which you progress your mouse. For instance, you progress your mouse 1 inch, however slowly, the crosshair will transfer proportionally. Nonetheless, for those who transfer your mouse 1 inch, however this time a bit of quick, the crosshair will transfer farther than the traditional distance. Therefore, with mouse acceleration turned on, the crosshair distance will rely upon the motion pace of the mouse.

CS:GO gamers don’t use mouse acceleration, even the gamers talked about within the record. So, setting this at zero might be your best guess.


This setting determines whether or not CS:GO will get its knowledge from Home windows or the mouse driver. A worth of “0” means Home windows sends the information, and “1” signifies that the mouse’s driver sends the information. The drivers for gaming mice are enhanced and particularly designed for gaming function, in order that they have a greater knowledge input price than the Home windows driver.

4 of the 5 execs listed above have their “m_rawinput” settings at “1” (“coldzera” has it at zero). Utilizing the “1” setting basically signifies that the input latency is decrease, so the minuscule delay is diminished. Utilizing “1” additionally offers you a bonus because it helps align a few of your different settings with the Home windows.


There’s no consensus on this record as to which decision is best, however there may be an ongoing debate on the earth of CS:GO as to which side ratio is best. A fantastic many CS:GO gamers use four:three decision, which is, in truth, a holdover setting from earlier variations of Counter-Strike. Some execs and analysts report that an important a part of the display screen is the center, making the decision basically moot, however that’s up for debate. This setting varies wildly, and it’s most likely best to get used to no matter display you’re utilizing till you may choose and select a higher-quality display screen.

AR (side ratio)

AR stands for side ratio, and four:three is the generally utilized by gamers. The identical ratio is adopted within the stretched-to-fit settings making it full 16:9 panel with no black bars. Right here the pixels are stretched horizontally to make issues seem wider, which makes it simpler to see. In line with execs, four:three is the best method to go.


Three of the 5 professionals right here use the black bars that seem on the top and backside of the display screen. Some report that the sport runs sooner with black bars whereas others say scaling makes for a sooner experience. Attempt each and see what works for you.

Refresh Fee

Lastly, every professional right here makes use of a refresh price of 144, making that a simple alternative. These days, we’re seeing the introduction of superior displays with sooner panels. It’s stated that the upper the refresh price, the higher it’s. In case you have a good display device, then 144mhz ought to do the trick for you. Keep in mind, there are two sides to this. One, the technical and development of your monitor. The opposite, what a human can course of and comprehend.

There you’ve it, a rundown of the settings utilized by CS:GO professionals. Most of them would require a try-before-you-settle strategy. The above clarification may even show you how to in optimizing your settings for different FPS games as properly. Simply remember the fact that every FPS recreation might need totally different recreation dynamics. So, attempt every of them out and see what works best for you. With the precise settings and a number of observe, you’ll be gaming just like the professionals very quickly. Good luck and have enjoyable!

Aurangzeb A. Durrani is a former skilled gamer and an esports analyst. His pursuits embrace esports, on-line gaming, tech companies, and blockchain. 

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