The Commodore 64—a famend Eight-bit house computer system that debuted in 1983—could also be approaching vintage standing at 34 years previous, however one fanatic has seen match to verify it doesn’t get omitted of the VR craze.

An fanatic going by the alias ’64jim64′ has hacked collectively a formidable undertaking for the beloved private computer. The so-called VR64 headset not only outputs video from the computer, however 64jim64 even programmed his personal recreation with stereoscopic depth.

Detailed on his blog, the undertaking was adorably impressed by his 12 12 months previous daughter’s science truthful undertaking which was a examine of easy VR viewers like Google Cardboard. After understanding the fundamental idea of a VR viewer, 64jim64 hacked collectively a headset for the Commodore 64 with a $10 VR viewer, a $26 LCD, and an affordable power transformer. He even made some awesome graphics to imbue the headset with the Commodore 64’s traditional branding. Here he shows exactly how he put it all together.

Picture courtesy 64jim64

The ‘VR64’ headset, as he dubbed it, connects to the Commodore 64 with composite cables which exhibits what’s on the display screen with 152 x 200 pixels in “high resolution” mode, and 76 x 200 in multi-color mode (each upscaled to suit the display). That was sufficient to mess around viewing some easy 3D photographs, however how might 64jim64 really dwell as much as his alias? By programming a 3D recreation for the headset in fact!

Picture courtesy 64jim64

Saved on a 5.25″ floppy disk, Street Defender is an easy wave shooter (the irony!) which shows a split-view that enables for stereoscopic visuals via the VR64 headset. Within the recreation, enemies journey down corridors on the participant who can punch, knife, shoot, or grenade them. And no, this isn’t any fancy single-pass stereo rendering or use of a complete SDK—64jim64 hand-placed the sprites nearer or additional aside from each other to realize 3D depth.

Though there’s no headtracking, it appears secure to say that this spectacular undertaking is about as near VR as you will get on the Commodore 64.

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